have a happy weekend.

This was a week full of resolutions. In the past couple of years, I haven't made any serious resolutions. I actually loathe the idea that in order to achieve goals one must write said goals down. In my book, the only way to achieve a goal is to dedicate the time and work for it. One intention I do have for this year, however, is to spend more time in the moment, and less time worrying about what is to come.

In case your resolutions do not involve spending less time perusing interesting Internet fodder that probably has nothing to do with your employment, here are a few items for your afternoon digressions:

A gripping story of a man lost in the North Atlantic.

Matches Fashion is having an amazing sale. I'm lusting for this, this, and these. Don't forget the Zara sale either. Or Shopbop. Anthro is also trying to give stuff away.

I love my Florida State Seminoles and can.not.wait to cheer them on this Monday. But the bigger, more important story, is here.

Fabulous makeovers relieved these patients' burdens for a moment.

Manrepeller succinctly describes the New Year's Eve hangover.

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