summer essentials

<W scrutinizing the honest sunscreen before taking a bite>

Growing up in Florida, I have always loved going to the beach. It's even better now that we have a mini to tote with us. I keep expecting him to go crazy for the sand, but he's still pretty fascinated by the sunscreen bottle! Since summer basically started in April down here, my beach bag has stayed packed for the past few weeks, and probably will be through September.

ten dreamy black rooms

After our nursery fiasco (to be detailed in full at a later date), I learned never paint a room without a paint sample on every wall. For the past month(s), we've had four different paint splotches on each wall of our dining room. Yesterday, we finally had the room painted. I anxiously watched our nanny cams for glimpses of the work in progress, and was beyond excited to get home.

Happy Mother's Day

Something inside you changes on the day you become a mother. 

the lob

I'm off to freshen up my cut today, and think I'll be going a bit blonder for summer. Those pesky platinum hairs growing along my part lines are multiplying, and I've decided blonde will blend better. I'm slowly growing my lob out, but plan to keep the angles around for a few more months.

beach weekend

A couple weekends ago my parents invited us to stay at their place for the weekend while they were out of town. We jumped at the chance for a staycation down the street in the Pass-a-grille area. Wyatt was a little under the weather, but if you didn't know him, you would never know.

book club // one

Have you read The Girl on the Train yet? I started it on Monday and finished it by Wednesday... all during the dreaded 11pm pump sesh. It was so good I was practically looking forward to that 45 minute window. There were a few moments I thought the girl had pulled a 'Gone Girl' stunt and wondered how an identical book was published, but as it turned out, I was way off.

36 hours

In January, I needed to go to Manhattan for work, and since Wyatt wasn't sleeping through the night yet, we made a trip out of it. I had a Friday morning deposition, which left us with a little bit of time to explore. It snowed just enough to blanket the ground, but was still warm enough that touring the city on foot was tolerable.

28 weeks

It's been 28 weeks since W was evicted. 
It has been the most rewarding, exhausting, and fun-filled 28 weeks to date. 


I realized the other day it had been a year since I hopped over here and updated this little blog. Just after I finished the relaunch, I found out I was pregnant. I was in a fair amount of denial (and took four pregnancy tests, plus a blood test) because I felt completely asymptomatic.