Years ago, while shopping with my mom, a connoisseur of St. John's blazers, we stumbled upon this one on the sale rack at Nordstrom's. I was still too young {and jobless} to appreciate it, but acquiesced to my mother's proposal that she purchase it for me {I've never been one to turn down a good thing}. Now, it's a staple in my wardrobe and one of the best finds of which I've been a part {it was marked down a good 70%, at least}.


If you like piña coladas (and strawberry daiquiris), then you will love this healthy, protein smoothie. I love this as a quick breakfast for those days I'm running behind (most of them).

pattern play

The annual Gasparilla Parade was this Saturday in Tampa. We had a great time people watching from a friend's pool, and the style had to have been my favorite part. Have you noticed how a good theme will have all adults throwing their usual caution to the wind and embracing the requisite ensemble without a care in the world?

anti-inflammatory citrus juice

When I was 10, I slipped a vertebrae in my back. Ever since, I've struggled with back pain practically every day. I avoid taking any medication as much as possible, and try to find natural remedies to alleviate the pain (krill oil, herbal remedies, etc.). Pineapple cores are anti-inflammatory, so lately I've been incorporating them into juices.

butternut squash hash

I used to be a total sucker for sweet breakfasts, so I really started skipping them in general as I got older (and had to stop eating frosted mini wheats for breakfast every morning). Oh, and Pop-Tarts? Don't even get me started. Now that we're living a healthier lifestyle (at least as much as possible), I've embraced the savory breakfast with open arms. 

need right now: gladiator sandals

I am loving the new gladiator sandal and I'm dying to get my hands on a pair {or two}. I have a pair from a few years ago, but these updated versions are so chic. And the Zara ones? So cute for such a great price.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

butternut squash, carrot & ginger soup

There's just something about butternut squash that makes me want to eat it everyday. In all different forms. Last week I was on a soup kick {I ordered the vegan stew from Datz three times over five days}, so I decided to try out the hot soup feature on the Vitamix.

leather & lace

It finally cooled down in Tampa this weekend which caused me to break out a couple of my favorite winter pieces for date night with C. Every now and then I wish it stayed cold down here, but now that's it has been about a week (and I've worn most of my coats), I'm ready for it to warm back up. 

have a great weekend!

my big plans for the weekend: curling up with a good book

pear greens smoothie

Santa {aka my mom} brought us a fancy blender for Christmas, and it is quickly becoming my favorite kitchen item. After all of the sweets I consumed over the holidays, I've been trying to work more greens juices and smoothies into my diet to detox a bit. This pear, spinach, and ginger smoothie is sweet enough to satisfy my (often insatiable) sweet tooth, and definitely a touch healthier than my favorite treat of Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter (which I try to refrain from buying because I will literally eat the entire jar in under a week, no joke).

1 cup water
2 pears, cored and cut into 1 inch cubes
1/2 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
3 cups spinach
2 cups ice

Place all ingredients into the blender in the above order, then blend until smooth. This makes more than enough for two.

weekend wear

We had a long, casual brunch at Oxford Exchange on Sunday, and since I was feeling a bit sick I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, which of course required sneakers and a sweatshirt. I have this habit of living in pieces that I love, and this J. Crew sweatshirt is no exception. It is definitely my go-to weekend piece since it's so comfortable and perfect for throwing on with just about anything. 

creamy curry chicken vegetable soup

I've been feeling a bit eh since Thursday, and all I've been craving is soup. Since I have a serious Thai obsession, I decided to recreate my own version of chicken panang. This slow cooker meal is so easy, filling, and delicious.

dance in the rain

I was a bit under the weather this weekend and really wasn't up for much. My big Saturday night outing was running over to Village Health Market to grab some ingredients for chicken curry soup {recipe coming this week}. Of course, I got caught in the rain and the sun set soon after. But I did get to wear my Hunter boots, which spend most of their time hiding from my husband.

Happy Friday!

it was a lovely false spring day in barcelona

I remember enjoying Parque Guell immensely and this photo always reminds me of how easy it is for us (especially when we're young) to take what is right in front of us for granted. Another weekend is upon us... and I am so looking forward to spending some time at a few of my favorite places around south Tampa - The Royal Tea Room, Oxford Exchange, and Curtis Hixon dog park. 

paleo bread revisited

Not too long ago, I posted a recipe for "paleo" bread. Since then, I've tried this honey-free version a few times, and like it even better. Judging by the speed with which it disappeared from my home, my husband also approved of this modified recipe {although it is still not as pretty as Elana's version, which is the inspiration for this recipe}.

in a blur

 On Sunday we headed to the Farmer's Market then took the pups on a walk. I'm almost embarrassed to admit Tator is much better on the leash than his big sister, Lulu {maybe it's her deafness; it's more likely it's her personality}. It's hard to believe that just three weeks ago this harness didn't even fit him.

kale salad

Kale is one trend I've jumped on board with that I'm pretty sure my children won't make fun of me for in twenty years (unlike my lipstick in high school). More often than not I sauté it in with spinach, onions, and plenty of garlic to overcome the rather bitter taste. Last week I made this salad, however, and have a new perspective on raw kale.


I think I was more excited for my outfit on New Year's Eve than the festivities. That's normal right?

have a happy weekend.

This was a week full of resolutions. In the past couple of years, I haven't made any serious resolutions. I actually loathe the idea that in order to achieve goals one must write said goals down. In my book, the only way to achieve a goal is to dedicate the time and work for it. One intention I do have for this year, however, is to spend more time in the moment, and less time worrying about what is to come.

In case your resolutions do not involve spending less time perusing interesting Internet fodder that probably has nothing to do with your employment, here are a few items for your afternoon digressions:

A gripping story of a man lost in the North Atlantic.

Matches Fashion is having an amazing sale. I'm lusting for this, this, and these. Don't forget the Zara sale either. Or Shopbop. Anthro is also trying to give stuff away.

I love my Florida State Seminoles and can.not.wait to cheer them on this Monday. But the bigger, more important story, is here.

Fabulous makeovers relieved these patients' burdens for a moment.

Manrepeller succinctly describes the New Year's Eve hangover.