blackened redfish with mashed coconut lime infused faux potatoes

Blackened redfish is one of my all-time favorite entrees, hands down. If you do not have redfish on hand, this recipe will work perfectly with either grouper or mahi, or another white, flaky fish. It paired perfectly with mashed coconut lime infused cauliflower {aka faux potatoes}. I also sauteed two bunches of baby bok choy because my husband likes to eat a lot to get some green on our plates.

best day

Have you seen this video yet? I am admittedly obsessed with it {I may have shed a tear at the end}. It's worth watching, even if you're not a huge fan of American Authors {personally, I love this song}. My husband got our bulldog for me for my birthday about two years ago. I cannot believe she's almost two {probably because she is still 100% puppy}. We didn't rescue her but have been considering rescuing a second puppy for quite some time. 

Lulu is deaf. We didn't even realize she was deaf until she was about 6 months old {our friend watched her while we were in Paris, and quickly informed us that she was not just stubborn, she was deaf}.  I'd describe her as more on the untrained side, but I also find much of her bad behavior amusing. By sheer stroke of luck, largely because I speak with my hands, she knows "sit" and "lay down." Obviously, the majority of her knowledge and obedience centers around her love of treats {like all pups}. Unfortunately, I'm convinced potty training is something she will never grasp. Sometimes her deafness creates difficulties - she obviously doesn't come when you call her, which means you have to be in her eye line to get her attention, and I'm not sure she knows the difference between shadows and real objects - but I wouldn't change a thing. 

Watching the American Authors video led me to immediately look up our local English bulldog rescue, and bulldog number two may be joining our home soon. 

Have a happy weekend!