all white everything

Although you'll usually find me wearing black, there's just something about wearing all white. Even though it's just as easy as all black, somehow it feels fresh, new.

Herbivore Botanicals

A couple of years ago I became a stickler about reading labels on food before I purchased it. However, it was only until recently that I became more aware of all of the crazy ingredients in beauty products. Have you ever noticed how many bath products simply list "fragrance" as one of the ingredients? I've decided to start using products that aren't hiding all of their ingredients.

breaking the denim rut

Lately, I've been trying to break out of my usual weekend go to's - denim or leather leggings. When I found these scarf print pants at MisRed Outfitters, I seriously had to have them. They're even more comfy than leggings (if possible) but can easily be dressed up or down.


Sometimes you reach a point where you have too much going on, and a break is exactly what the doctor ordered. I've been exhausted to a point where I needed to take more time for myself lately. So I did just that. Feeling a bit better, if not 100%, I'm hoping to get back on schedule.

printed pencil

Confession: I have a serious weakness for black pencil skirts. I own more than three. But when I saw printed pencil skirts popping up, I knew I needed one to switch things up a bit.