steamed stone crab claws with basil-garlic ghee

As a condolence for losing daylight this weekend, we decided to grab a few stone crab claws from our local market. Although usually served chilled, I enjoy warm food over cold, especially when it starts getting a bit chilly {it was 73 when I drove home yesterday... I spotted several winter sweaters as a result}. 

This was just over a pound of giant claws. I steamed them for about 6 minutes {they're already cooked when you buy them} just to heat them up thoroughly. While that was happening, I heated about 4 tablespoons of ghee on low {be careful not to brown it}. Using the single serve on the Ninja, I processed 6 fresh basil leaves and a large clove of garlic until finely chopped. As the ghee melted, I added the garlic + basil mixture. 

So good. Stone crabs are fairly expensive for the amount of meat you get, but so worth it. 

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