hitting reset: greens juice

This was a pretty hectic weekend full of events and celebrations. On Thursday, we went down the street to Cru Cellars for an amazing wine tasting to benefit The Moffitt Cancer Center. Then Friday night, we went to an event to benefit The Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law, followed by dinner and dancing to celebrate my bestie's birth. To top it all off, we headed to brunch on Sunday to celebrate another friend's dirty 30. Needless to say, I fell off the clean-eating wagon.

Just before our honeymoon I did a Pressed Juicery cleanse and loved it. I don't think I could make my own cleanse {because making three (or more) days of juices would take for-ev-er}, but I do make a few juices when I need to reset after a carb-filled weekend. I use a Breville and love it.

This recipe makes two very green juices (about 32 oz.) - if you want it to be a bit sweeter, add an apple.


1 bunch of kale
4 stalks of celery {I throw in the celery leaves as well}
1 cucumber
2 cups of spinach
2 cups of romaine lettuce
1/2 bunch of parsley
2 broccoli heads and stalks {I used two because the ones I had were small}

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