thanksgiving staple: cranberry sauce

There are certain items automatically associated with Thanksgiving. I have no idea where the tradition started, but cranberry sauce is always on the table even though it’s often one of the items that gets passed around the table with few, if any, takers. I’m quick to blame the canned version for that. If you enjoy cranberry juice but wonder wtf happened to make cranberry sauce so strange {I must confess, I have NEVER tried the canned version because it creeps me out}, try this recipe.

Fresh, organic cranberries changed my perspective on this Thanksgiving staple, and this recipe may give cranberry sauce a new rep at your dinner table this year.


1 and a half containers of cranberry (about 12 oz.)
1/2 cup + one tablespoon coconut sugar 
juice from half a large orange (about 2-3 tablespoons)
zest from half a large orange (about 2 tablespoons)
2 cinnamon sticks

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cook for another 20 minutes, or until the cranberries start to pop open and the sauce thickens. 

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