orange juice sans orange

Juicing is a polarizing pastime. One side claims it is merely sugar water that will do nothing but make you hungry and fat; the other claims it is a great way to ingest the nutrients of multiple veggies in one glass. The Mayo Clinic seems to be member of the former, but it also says it is okay to have 1-2 diet sodas a day, so I can't really agree with everything I'm reading over on their site. If you do decide to throw some juices into the mix, be sure to buy fresh, organic produce and drink the juice within 24 hours (usually less) of making it.

3 golden beets (small to medium sized)
1 apple
3-4 carrots
3/4 inch of fresh ginger root

I can somewhat agree with the buzzfeed bash on juice cleanses {you really do miss chewing}, but I did not run back to junk food after I did the pressed juicer cleanse. I was surprisingly more conscious of what it was I was eating. I did, however, gain most of the "water" weight back after having what amounted to unlimited food and frozen cocktails on our honeymoon. Weird.

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