Perhaps selfishly, thanksgiving has always been my favorite. My birthday is the same time of year, so often the celebrations are one in the same. This year, as I hit the last year of my 20s, I felt like I should start a new tradition that I've skipped over in years past, despite it's all too basic nature: expressing just what it is I'm thankful for, and acting more appreciative on a daily basis.

Since I'm hitting the big 2-9 this year... I have to say I'm thankful I have my health, as does my family (my dad once said I was like a cat with 9 lives, if that gives you an idea of some of the scrapes I've gotten into).

I am beyond thankful for my husband, who supports me in all that I do, reminds me everyday how much he loves me, and has changed my life, only for the better.

I am thankful to have the best group of girlfriends, who have stood by my side for years, and brought light and laughter into my life on a daily basis.

Sometimes it is easy to take everything we have for granted. Perhaps the best part of this time of year (besides the food!) is the sense of reflection we all tend to get.

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you!

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