36 hours

In January, I needed to go to Manhattan for work, and since Wyatt wasn't sleeping through the night yet, we made a trip out of it. I had a Friday morning deposition, which left us with a little bit of time to explore. It snowed just enough to blanket the ground, but was still warm enough that touring the city on foot was tolerable.

We did a lot of walking because I was way too nervous about jumping in a cab sans car seat. We brought one, but since we didn't want to lug around the stroller, it really wasn't feasible to carry the car seat with us. Most of the time, I wore W in my solly wrap.

After lunch at the Plaza, W got a bit antsy in the Solly wrap {seen here as a scarf} while wearing his snowsuit. He was quite the wiggle worm by this point {and is now full-on crawling and working on walking}. We went into Bergdorf's a few minutes after this Central Park photoshoot, and I discovered why he was so unhappy: a major blowout... but of course I didn't bring a spare outfit. He spent the rest of the afternoon naked in his snowsuit. #momfail

{tired pumpkin after a day of shopping}

My bestie Ashley lives in the city these days, so she escorted the three of us to dinner at The National, across the street from our hotel. I have to confess it was our first time venturing out to an after bedtime dinner with W, and we were a little nervous.  He woke up mid-meal wondering what kind of parents we were, but happily slurped down some pumped milk and went back to sleep. At that time, I had oversupply so handing out bottles was no big deal ... totally different story these days.

 {milk drunk}

{we didn't plan to leave the hotel so W was wrapped up in his blanket
rather than a proper winter outfit.}

Have a happy weekend!

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