28 weeks

It's been 28 weeks since W was evicted. 
It has been the most rewarding, exhausting, and fun-filled 28 weeks to date. 

When W had been baking for 28 weeks, I was fortunate enough to have Beka come up to St. Pete and photograph the belly. We dodged the rain and laughed at tourists who kept advising us to take more photos with the rainbow. I had debated having maternity photos done, but am so glad I did now. Let me just say, I do not miss being pregnant. While it is easily the greatest thing a human can do, I just did not enjoy all the side effects (other than not needing to suck in after a good meal). But I am excited to one day show W all the photos of him growing in my belly, especially if we get adventurous and add to our brood. 

Seriously, if she lived closer I'd have her documenting all of our life events 
{not that she'd have the time since everyone else wants her doing that also}.

(ben and beka also photographed our rehearsal dinner and wedding)

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