ten dreamy black rooms

After our nursery fiasco (to be detailed in full at a later date), I learned never paint a room without a paint sample on every wall. For the past month(s), we've had four different paint splotches on each wall of our dining room. Yesterday, we finally had the room painted. I anxiously watched our nanny cams for glimpses of the work in progress, and was beyond excited to get home.

As is the case with paint, the batch from our sample was a lighter shade than the paint on our walls. (Which is why ordering a 5-gallon bucket is recommended for larger projects, to ensure you get a consistent shade. My first apartment in Miami had an accidentally ombre wall, far before ombre was trendy in any manner. Tears were shed.) The darker shade is almost black, and I am thrilled with the result. I loved the dark shade so much, I started perusing images on pinterest for additional inspiration, in case we opt for dark colors in other rooms. Here are my ten favorite black (or nearly black) rooms.

I'm also loving Joanna Goddard's black bedroom from her home tour. We were planning to paint our room an off-white color, but now we're reconsidering. Our room has wonderful light during the day, so we're thinking it might be super cozy to paint it dark. Would you paint a room black?

images borrowed from: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

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