summer essentials

<W scrutinizing the honest sunscreen before taking a bite>

Growing up in Florida, I have always loved going to the beach. It's even better now that we have a mini to tote with us. I keep expecting him to go crazy for the sand, but he's still pretty fascinated by the sunscreen bottle! Since summer basically started in April down here, my beach bag has stayed packed for the past few weeks, and probably will be through September.

Since I have had my fair share of sun faux-pas, and a possible tanning bed addiction, I'm trying to make up for it as much as possible now. (There are photos in existence where my skin is nearly as brunette as my hair.) Sunscreen can be full of less than desirable ingredients, so I've been packing my beach bag with two of my favorite clean sunscreens: Protect All Over and Honest (I also love this if your little one is a wiggle worm like mine). Along with my sunscreen, here's what I'm filling my bag up with each weekend:

beach bag // panama hat // sunnies // sunscreen // pouch // rosewater mist // swim diapers // round beach towel // mott maillot // lipsi one piece

shop this post, along with a few more of my summer essentials:

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