favorite moments of 2013, part III {my mother's wedding dress}

I am really bad about changing my mind if I plan my outfit in advance. When I do, I usually end up switching it up last minute and going in a totally different direction. I bought a super cute alice & olivia dress {seen here}, but as our wedding date approached, I, per usual, started second-guessing my choice. So three weeks before our rehearsal dinner, I went to my favorite tailor with a huge demand...

I used the lace from my mother's wedding dress for my bouquet wrap, and in the process demolished the sleeves. I had offered to have the lace professionally removed, but my mom suggested I spend my money elsewhere, since I'm her only daughter she had no need to keep it intact. 

That's when I decided to have it remade. Of course, the tailor freaked out a little bit given the short time span, but he managed to make it work and I managed to surprise my mom. It actually took her a second to recognize it {I had the sleeves removed entirely, took the back out, and of course, shortened it}. My parents' celebrated their 40th anniversary this year, and are quite the inspiration for a great marriage.

My mom had no idea I was wearing her dress {hence my "hello? look at this dress!" face}.

the lace on this 40-year old dress was fabulous.

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