butternut squash noodles

We were never huge pasta eaters before we decided to cut grains, so it hasn't been too difficult of an adjustment in that regard. However, since I do love to make sauce (a la vodka is one of my faves), a great noodle alternative is a must. 

All you need is a large butternut squash and a spiralizer (try this if your not ready to commit, but I highly recommend the spiralizer).

Boil water in a large stock pot (I used the pasta insert with mine for easier removal since a large stock pot full of water requires arm strength). Once the water is at a rolling boil, add the noodles. Cook for two minutes. That's it. Two.

Drain and dry the noodles by patting with a paper towel. If you feel like eating like a child, melt some ghee over the top with a bit of Parmesan (if you include cheese in your diet, which I sadly do not). Or top with marinara for a side dish. I'll be posting a great dairy-free carbonara that pairs perfectly with these butternut squash noodles soon. 

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