weekend wrapup: dallas,TX


It's official: I love Texas. Born yet only partially raised in Kentucky, I've never left the south for any extended period and likely never will. While Florida is located in the South, it's not quite as southern as the rest of the South... if that makes sense. After my second trip to the Lone Star state, I can imagine relocating there if the opportunity arose. Everyone we encountered was friendly and polite. People were excited for french toast on Sunday {who isn't?}. Free tacos were handed over after an order confusion {paleo, shmaleo}. The food? So good. The atmosphere? Even better.

After an early morning flight, we went straight to good friends for a burger. My planning skills failed me and we quickly learned the kitchen was closed until 5. Undeterred, we toasted our first stop in Dallas with a couple of drafts, then headed to Smoke for barbecue and a michelada. We dropped our suitcases off, then headed to the Adolphus to check out the historic hotel and have a sip of bourbon.

We went to The Cedars Social for preconcert cocktails, aptly named Kentucky Bucks, and a small bite to eat {I had big plans for us to venture over to Deep Ellum for Serious Pizza post-concert}. Strawberry-infused bourbon may be my new favorite treat. If I lived in Dallas, I have no doubt I would be a regular at The Cedars Social.

The National concert was amazing. Carson compared our flight that morning to a trip to the DMV, but I think after our Kentucky Bucks and half of a song, he forgot the unpleasantries that accompany a plane flight.

during terrible love {our cake cutting song} 

On Sunday we woke up bright and early and headed to Crossroads Diner. I usually shy away from waits at breakfast {because I'm starving}, but we decided it was a sign we were in the right place.  Our food was delicious and our servers were attentive, but not annoyingly so. We then ran over to the Dallas Aquarium, which was refreshingly different from any aquarium I've visited. We stopped in Deep Ellum for cheap, delicious tacos {followed by a Maker's Mark bread pudding at the airport I just couldn't resist...I think I gained five pounds in 36 hours}.

Our last stop on the way out of town was at the Kennedy Memorial. We took a few moments to take it all in. There is no word better than eery to describe the site.

the grassy knoll

Some days you just want to wear your husband's sweater. 
my new favorite jeans: genetic denim from penelope t>>loafers: steve madden>>ray-bans from penelope t

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