Herbivore Botanicals

A couple of years ago I became a stickler about reading labels on food before I purchased it. However, it was only until recently that I became more aware of all of the crazy ingredients in beauty products. Have you ever noticed how many bath products simply list "fragrance" as one of the ingredients? I've decided to start using products that aren't hiding all of their ingredients.

My sister-in-law gave me several amazing natural (actually natural, not just labeled natural) bath products for my birthday, and this Herbivore Botanicals bath soak is, hands down, a must-have (if you love a good bath). The smell is great, and it seriously hydrates your skin while soaking in the tub (one of my favorite after-work past-times). The best part? All ingredients are listed, I can pronounce them, and none of them are synthetic. My sister-in-law purchased it at House of Passage in Brooksville, and it's also available here.

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